Multi-function alarm clock for Centro and Treo smartphones and TX Tungsten or Zire PDA's.

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BellTime 1.6


06-Jan-11 Version 1.6 05-Jan-10 Version 1.5 22-Jun-09 Version 1.4 02-Apr-09 Version 1.3.1 31-Jan-09 Version 1.3 15-Nov-08 Version 1.2 08-Sep-08 Version 1.1.1 18-Aug-08 Version 1.1 22-Jun-08 Version 1.0

Screen shots

Example layout on a Tungsten T|X
Look at the comet at the right side of the clockface: It's the flash alarm. With just ONE tap on the clockface (3 o'clock position) an alarm was started and has still around 7 minutes to go.

BellTime as Treo / Centroclock
Here, the user configured the 5 available slots with a digital clock, a weekly alarm, a timer and a time zone clock.

Entering an alarm time
A keypad is always the easiest way to enter numbers. Use your Palm stylus, your fingers, the 5-Way navigator or the keyboard of your Centro.

A BellTime alarm is ringing
Here on top of an other application.
Each alarm can have a note (here ** BellTime **) and each alarm uses its own colors for the note.

* On the Palm Pre with Classic you should set Sound = Beeps for all alarm tools, and be aware that depending on your Classic version not all BellTime functions are available.