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How to Survive a Polish Date Article Want to meet the most attractive women in Poland? You need to try one of these 8 best. Polish dating sites and apps! For expert Bumble advice, check out this Bumble. Polish dating tips - Polish Forums Best, safe Polish dating sites? 8 Polish Dating Sites Apps You Should Try To download Bumble, go here: googleplay itunes-app-store- logo. I m no expert at this matter, but I know a lot of people use the well-known Tinder. Wanna know all about how to meet and date Polish women? Read the article by our user. The dating customs of Poland do not differ that much from American culture.

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Do not try to impress her by talking only about your achievements. If you really want to win a girl's heart bring a fresh flower on a first date. Do not tell her that you love her immediately. Save your draft before refreshing this bmit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Below is a sample: "English word"Polish equivalent" (pronunciation) "thank-you"dziekuje" (djenkoo-yeh) "good morning"or "good day"dzien dobry" (djen dobri) "good-bye"do widzenia" (do veedzenya) "see you tomorrow"do jutra" (do you-tra) "please" or "here you have" "prosze" (prosheh) " love you"kocham cie" (coham cheu). On the other hand if you are a foreign woman in Poland and a man offers a help to carry the luggage - be careful, sometimes it can be a gentlemen but sometimes a thief who wants to use your naiveté or he would demand.

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Typical Polish men also would offer help to care a heavy luggage or suitcase to a lady. Do not look persistently in her eyes this might be seen as intrusion in her private space. If you would try to fix food for her it would be even better! It is not acceptable to drink too much; Poland has a social problem with men drinking too much. Ad by TruthFinder, are you dating someone? She takes a commitment seriously. Alcoholism is a social problem in Poland especially among the men. You may lose all your chances if you would be tipsy. Try to learn some Polish words. But do not try to kiss her in a cheek during the first welcome this may be seen as too arrogant and intrusive into personal space. Anyone who's dating or in a relationship should visit this website. But you need to know how to kiss a hand properly, if you are not sure how forget about it because the effect may be opposite from expected. Let her sit first in the restaurant. The first impression is very important. This page may be out of date. In Poland flowers are given on many occasions like weddings, birthdays etc. Do not drink too much also. Polish women are perceived usually as pretty, feminine, with a good taste for cloths and elegant. It was very nice since here in America the equal rights seem to destroy good habits between genders (women here are considered as the same capable to do everything like men). If you are invited to visit a Polish house you are expected to bring a souvenir - usually flowers for a hostess, in some occasions also an elegant bottle of alcohol for a host. Polish men are gentlemen, they open doors and let women always first through the door whether into (or out from) the restaurant, store, car or through any other door. Poles like other Europeans (and also Northern Americans) do need to have their space, do not come closer than on the arm's length unless you are dancing or you hold her hand. Polish people are well-educated and whether they are male or female it is good to show an interest in their interests, education and/or job. View More, related Questions, about, careers, tips til date polish dating site privacy. No wonder that many men from different countries ask me how to deal with a Polish girl they have a crash. But it may be useful also to people who will be visiting their Polish friends soon or to anybody who is going to Poland. tips til date polish dating site